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Breaking the stigma of addiction through medical principles and spirituality to empower those in crisis.


Founded in 2015 by Tod Harris, Total Life Change was founded as a 501(c)3 with the mission of faithfully delivering hope to families struggling with substance abuse. Specializing in drug and alcohol addiction treatment and recovery, TLC takes the unique approach of treating the entire family. Total Life Change offers not only drug rehab and substance abuse services but we also offer programs and supportive services for family or friends who are struggling with getting help for their loved one but may not know where to begin.


I was a functioning addict/alcoholic in 1987 when I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. Desperate, I sought ANYTHING that would lead me out of my addiction. When I finally found Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) I “saw the light.” But it was in that moment when a fellow AA’er offered to take me deeper into my addiction, that I knew I had to make a choice – either I was going down or I was going to survive. I chose to survive.

I walked through five years of recovery before choosing my Higher Power – Jesus Christ. This is the foundational point regarding my qualification to help others who are struggling with what life brings to them. I have walked the path myself and I have discovered healthy living.

Today, I have a passion to help others who find themselves struggling with life. Whether it’s the result of their choices (such as an addictive cycle), other people’s choices (such as divorce or abandonment), or simply life itself (such as grief due to a loss). In reality, I have been working towards a “Total Life Change” (TLC) recovery program for 30 years. Throughout those 30 years, I have experienced many programs of recovery – both secular and Christ-based. As I journeyed in my own recovery, I grew closer to Christ and began to realize that it was only through His strength and love that I was still sober. I had, in time, realized that Christ Himself was my TLC Recovery.

My commitment to Christ led me to graduate from seminary and while I love being a pastor and shepherding God’s children, I have an intimate passion for those who feel lost. It is my desire to meet them where they are and bring to them the hope of Christ and a Total Life Change, just like I have experienced.

I know life can be challenging when facing addiction. I understand the despair and complete hopelessness one may feel. That is why I created TLC Recovery. 

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