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A highly structured and intensive recovery program for both men and women fighting chemical addiction.


Learning to recognize ways to manage anger, this court approved program provides both curriculum and support.


Designed for those in personal crisis, this workshop provides tools for coping with addiction in family members.



This unique, open-share, family support group focuses on the forgotten family members of addiction.


If you are unsure of where to begin. We can assist with finding the care that is best suited for individual needs.

Services Offered at Total Life Change 

Total Life Change offers a range of services from Intensive Treatment Programs to Assessments and Family Support Groups.  Founded in 2015 by Tod Harris, Total Life Change was established with the mission of faithfully delivering hope to families struggling with substance abuse. Specializing in medical evidence-based, drug and alcohol addiction treatment and recovery, TLC also offers unique services for family or friends who are struggling with getting help for their loved one but may not know where to begin.

The Intensive Outpatient Program is a highly structured treatment program, for both men and women, and is designed to address chemical dependencies that do not meet detox or residential level of care. Treatment consists of an initial psychological assessment, individual treatment plans, group counseling, understanding 12-step process, addiction education and case management. Patients can live at home or a sober living, maintain their job, continue every day life, and work an empirical based treatment program.

  • Licensed by the State of California, DHCS

  • Health insurance accepted

  • Private pay and financial aid*

  • Evening treatment: Monday - Thursday

  • Medical evidence-based model

  • Individual therapy with licensed practitioners

This court approved program is designed to overcome anger through emotional intelligence education. However, it is not applicable for domestic abuse cases; the program is offered in a group or one-on-one setting.

Designed specifically for those living in the chaos of friends or family members who struggle with addiction, this four-week workshop consists of eight, 1-hour, sessions. It provides a structured curriculum for developing the tools to cope with a loved one's addiction.

This on-going, open-share meeting, is unique due to its open dialogue model and weekly tool building exercises. Meeting once a week, it focuses on the forgotten family members of addiction.

During this 50-minute meeting, a professional will measure and observe the client's behavior to help determine the correct treatment path. Upon conclusion, if the client is not fit for our facility we will help them navigate a referral to the appropriate service.

TLC partners with major health insurance providers and also offers private pay solutions for patients who do not wish to utilize their health insurance policies. *For those who qualify, scholarships may be available.

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