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Self-care takes many forms and is a key piece of mental wellness. Because “self-care” can mean so many different things, it can be helpful to think of the 8 types of self-care as flavors or food groups: it’s nice to have some variety and each type can deliver different benefits.


Self-care that has to do with feeling physically well and maintaining physical health.

  • Sleep or rest

  • Stretching, walking, or exercise that feels good

  • Keeping medical appointments

  • Healthy food

  • Fresh air


Self-care that has to do with attending to your emotions; finding empathy and self-compassion; and seeking help when needed.

  • Journal or talk it out

  • Stress management

  • Listen to or make music/art

  • Self-compassion

  • Counseling


Self-care that has to do with healthy family and social relationships.

  • Time with others (in person or virtually)

  • Healthy boundaries

  • Balancing alone time and social time (or small groups and large groups)

  • Positive social media

  • Asking for help


Self-care that has to do with religious beliefs or spirituality.

  • Connection

  • Prayer or meditation

  • Reflection

  • Attending worship services or groups (if applicable)

  • Nature


Self-care that has to do with knowing and honoring yourself and what you enjoy.

  • Listening to yourself (getting out of autopilot)

  • Hobbies

  • Treating yourself

  • Trying something new

  • Getting to know yourself


Self-care that has to do with maintaining a safe, functional, and comfortable home environment.

  • Safety

  • Security and stability

  • Cleaning and organizing (whatever that means for you)

  • Comfy space

  • Healthy living environment


Self-care that has to do with maintaining your financial goals and obligations.

  • Money management and budgeting

  • Saving

  • Seeking help or information

  • “Fun” money

  • Paying bills


Self-care that has to do with attending to your needs in the realms of work, school, caregiving, or other responsibilities.

  • Time management

  • Feeling productive and valued

  • Learning and developing skills (and seeking help when needed)

  • Healthy work boundaries and communication

  • Break time


1. Journal 2. Pray 3. Take something off your to-do list 4. Unfollow toxic people on social media 5. Challenge your negative self talk 6. Take a nap 7. Light some candles 8. Listen to happy music 9. Do some arts and crafts 10. Read a good book 11. Unplug for a couple of hours 12. Listen to a podcast 13. Use a pro-con list to make a decision that’s been weighing on you 14. Watch a nostalgic TV show or binge a new one 15. Set healthy mental health goals 16. Watch funny YouTube videos 17. Create a to-do list 18. List five things you love about your life 19. Do some arts and crafts 20. Say some positive affirmations 21. Try on some clothes that make your feel confident 22. Spend time outdoors 23. Write down a list of everything you love about yourself 24. Make a vision board 25. Dial back your expectations 26. Cuddle a pet 27. Do something you’ve been putting off 28. Get out of your comfort zone 29. Draw something 30. Try something new 31. Learn how to say "Hello" and "Goodbye" in a few other languages 32. Memorize a scripture 33. Establish a new routine 34. Reconnect with a hobby from your childhood 35. Read more blog posts on self care 36. Forgive yourself for something from your past 37. Start learning a new language 38. Take a mental health day 39. Listen to an audio book 40. Find a therapist in your area 41. Work on a puzzle 42. Forgive someone else for a grudge you’ve been holding on to 43. Have a good cry – let it out girl! 44. Try some mindfulness exercises 45. Give yourself a pep talk in the mirror 46. Reminisce about happy times by looking at old text messages, pictures, etc 47. Write down 3 thoughts you want to let go of and shred/throw away the paper 48. Write an inspirational quote on a sticky note and put on mirror 49. Do a crossword puzzle 50. Do a word search 51. Let go of perfectionism 52. Communicate your emotional needs to others 53. Buy yourself some flowers 54. Try a random YouTube tutorial 55. Make a doctor’s appointment 56. See a physical therapist 57. Take some vitamins 58. Do some cardio 59. Tweeze your eyebrows 60. Get a manicure or pedicure. Or do your own nails at home! 61. Get a massage 62. Do some yoga 63. Meal prep for the week 64. Hydrate 65. Get a facial or give yourself a facial at home 66. Have a cup of tea 67. Cook a healthy meal 68. Treat yourself to some take out 69. Moisturize your skin 70. Take a bubble bath 71. Go to bed early 72. Stretch 73. Plan out your exercise routine for the week 74. Buy some new athletic wear 75. Buy something new for your kitchen 76. Go grocery shopping for some healthy food – and maybe one treat 🙂 77. Use a lip scrub 78. Weight lift 79. Workout your core 80. Go on a walk 81. Listen to tunes that make you want to dance – and dance your heart out 82. Create a skin care routine to use every night 83. Take a shower 84. Have an at home spa day 85. Go on a hike 86. Try a new recipe 87. Do a hair mask 88. Order some custom hair care products 89. Try a new hair style 90. Buy some more athletic equipment 91. Drop-in on a random exercise class 92. Try a new hair color 93. Treat yourself to a new outfit that makes you feel confident 94. Hit up a local coffee shop for a fancy coffee 95. Purchase tupperware that will help you master meal prepping 96. Make a smoothie 97. Research a new workout you’ve been curious about 98. Set some goals for healthy eating 99. Try a 30 day fitness/wellness challenge 100. Try a new food you’ve never tried before 101. Give your body a break from working out for a day 102. List out everything you love about your body 103. Reduce alcohol intake 104. Make your own DIY body scrub 105. Go swimming 106. Go running 107. Take your dog for a walk 108. Get your teeth cleaned 109. Do a low impact version of your favorite workout 110. Have a spa day at home with friends 111. Text a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile 112. Call a family member 113. Hit the beach 114. Join a book club 115. Join a local sports team 116. Talk to someone about what you’re going through 117. Surround yourself with positive people 118. Delete photos of negative people you no longer hang out with 119. Delete phone numbers of people you don’t talk to anymore 120. Have a picnic with friends or a significant other 121. Join a support group 122. Take a road trip with someone 123. Chat up a stranger 124. Join a group exercise class 125. Find a Facebook group with people who have a shared, similar interest 126. Plan a date night with your significant other or best friend 127. Have a pool party 128. Host a movie night 129. Bring your dog to a dog park 130. Give someone a hug 131. Ask for help and lean on others when you need to 132. Binge a show with someone 133. Take a music lesson 134. Meet someone for coffee or tea 135. Reminisce shared memories with someone 136. Host a game night – or a virtual game night! 137. Take a cooking class 138. Make purchases in-person instead of online to interact with others 139. Go to a yoga class with friends 140. Take a weekend trip with friends or family 141. Go to happy hour 142. Go on a bike ride with someone 143. Single? Join a dating app and put yourself out there 144. In a relationship? Recreate your favorite date with your partner 145. Go to the movies 146. Volunteer at an animal shelter 147. Take a vacation 148. Paint a picture 149. Build something with Legos 150. Do an adult coloring book – or use an adult coloring app 151. Do a puzzle 152. Read a book 153. Listen to a podcast 154. Book a night in a nice hotel 155. Blast the music in your car and sing at the top of your lungs 156. Take up knitting 157. Sketch out your dreamhome floorplan 158. Visit and walk-through local model homes 159. Go window shopping. Challenge yourself to NOT buy anything 160. Eat your favorite comfort food 161. Listen to your favorite song from high school 162. Go to a museum 163. Go to a comedy club 164. Attend a play 165. Go play pool or darts somewhere 166. Visit your town's "Top 5 Tourist" spots (you've most likely never done it) 167. Go see a concert 168. Find a restaurant with live music 169. Complete one thing you've pinned on Pinterest 170. Take an art class 171. Take a drive to the snow build a snowman 172. Read a magazine 173. Attend a trivia night 174. Do some karaoke 175. Swing on a swingset like you did as a child 176. Visit a National Park 177. Cross something off of your bucket list 178. Go to a farmer’s market 179. Try a new, bold nail color 180. Plan a dream vacation. (Even if you'll never take it) 181. Visit your hometown 182. Have a photo shoot 183. Adopt a pet 184. Attend a sporting event 185. Go camping 186. Play a board game 187. Take a drive 188. Try something new 189. Build a blanket fort 190. Have a dance party 191. Play a video game 192. Create a scrapbook 193. Write out a bucket list 194. Start a garden in your backyard or an herb garden in your kitchen 195. Go camping in your backyard 196. Watch the sing-along version of a Disney movie 197. Roll down a hill like when you were younger 198. Do the dishes 199. Organize the cabinets and drawers in your bathroom 200. Clean out the fridge 201. Sort through the mail 202. Clean the bathroom 203. Vacuum your home 204. Make your bed 205. Swifter or mop your floors 206. Tidy up the kid’s toys or pet toys 207. Do some laundry 208. Change your sheets 209. Wash the windows 210. Clean out your car 211. Get your desk in order 212. Organize your closet 213. Organize the "junk drawer" 214. Paint a wall or room in your house 215. Donate clothes you don’t wear anymore 216. Clean the stovetop 217. Rearrange your living room 218. Add some home accents to make your space feel cozy 219. Organize electronic cords 220. Dust your bookshelves 221. Dust your seiling fan blades 222. Take out the trash 223. Change your A/C air return filters 224. Get your oil changed or car serviced 225. Try out an "As Seen On TV" gadget 226. Clean out your wallet or purse 227. Clean your makeup brushes 228. Delegate tasks to others if your schedule is jam packed 229. Set healthy personal goals 230. Establish a weekly self care schedule 231. Choose a new daily affirmation to say every day 232. Update your resume 233. Set career goals 234. Build up a new skill 235. Research a class or development opportunity 236. Think about higher education 237. Find some inspiration to achieve your goals 238. Check something off of your to-do list 239. Build a self care morning routine 240. Build a self care night routine 241. Challenge your negative self talk 242. Forgive yourself for past mistakes 243. List five things you are grateful for 244. Forgive past grudges 245. Create a five year plan 246. Work on breaking an unhealthy habit 247. Feel stuck at work? Research job openings 248. Get ahead on birthday gifts for friends and family 249. Organize your finances 250. Do your taxes 251. Listen to calming sounds 252. Light a candle in a dark room and just sit 253. Go cloud gazing 254. Sit outside by a fire pit 255. Try aromatherapy using candles or an oil diffuser 256. Create a soothing playlist 257. Go star gazing 258. Go to an art museum 259. Wiggle bare feet in the grass 260. Lay down and close your eyes for a few minutes 261. Take some deep breaths 262. Use a weighted blanket 263. Watch the sunrise or sunset 264. Find tea or spice specialty store to enjoy some smells 265. Put on some comfortable clothes that feel soft to the touch 266. Do something with your hands like gardening or woodworking 267. Pet a dog or cat 268. Put up some unique lighting in your home 269. Get in bed early 270. Put on some noise canceling headphones 271. Try food of a different ethnicity 272. Learn a new card game 273. Buy your favorite childhood toy (New or Used) 274. Eat your favorite food or dessert 275. Remove yourself from a toxic situation 276. Turn off phone notifications from news outlets 277. Fill your home with plants 278. Reduce clutter 279. Get some fresh air – try keeping the windows in your home open for the day 280. Drink some hot water with lemon 281. Take some time to process your emotions in this moment 282. Use some essential oils 283. Meditate 284. Attend a church service 285. Do some yoga 286. Read about beliefs that are different from your own 287. Attend a bible study 288. Join a step-study 289. Journal about your spiritual beliefs 290. Donate to a cause you are passionate about 291. Take a religion course 292. Practice mindful eating 293. Go on a retreat 294. Volunteer for an organization within a cause you care about 295. Donate food or other items to others in need 296. Add some mindfulness activities to your morning routine 297. Go on a mindfulness walk 298. Determine your personal values 299. Figure out what your priorities in life are 300. Read poetry 301. Find some inspirational quotes 302. 30 Day Prayer Challenge 303. Download a guided prayer app

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